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Any business needs to have a great online reputation if it plans on gaining the attention of more and more customers. The best way to track this reputation is through the reviews which are posted either on review websites, on the product page of that specific company or, any local website that links to the business. It’s crucial that all or at least most of the reviews are positive because otherwise the company will simply have a hard time gaining the attention of its potential customers.

Building a great reputation is essential if you want to establish your company as a leader in your field of work. A leader of the marketplace will always have a great market share as well as lots of attention from the customers thanks to its credibility, so it’s imperative that your company achieves this status. The best way to ensure that your customers decide to buy from you is to gain authority in your market. Fortunately, you can easily achieve that by harnessing the power of written testimonials. You can get these from your happiest customers of the company’s product or service, then their testimonials can be posted directly on your website so they can easily be seen by new prospects.

Potential customers always look for a second opinion regarding the products or services because competitors are readily available on the internet, thus being able to find reviews on the company website adds to your appearance of authority.

Additionally, the reviews and testimonials can also be posted to the social media accounts of the target company. Publishing reviews to the social media captures a larger target market of customers from the websites that they mostly spend their time, so it helps quite a lot with branding and establishing a name of the company.

Graphical Reviews

However, there are some types of social media, for example Instagram, that emphasize the use of images instead of words. In such a situation it’s recommended to create a graphical version of the reviews so they can be easier to read and suitable for posting to the target site. Such a graphical version can be even more appealing to potential customers because it usually contains a photo of the person that wrote the testimonial, something that adds a lot to the overall credibility.

Video Reviews

If you want to fully harness the power of written testimonials, then you need to create branded video review commercials that will not only be added to the client website, but which will also be published to YouTube. It’s important to respect the schedule of 2 per month so enough people have the opportunity to see them.

In summary, reputation marketing is all about harnessing the power of materials you already have, such as testimonials and reviews as content that entices potential customers to visit the client website. It’s very efficient and provides all the necessary tools to take your company to the next level with referrals from your reputation marketing.

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