Business as Unusual: How to Communicate Your New and Updated Services with Google My Business

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Since the COVID-1 9 pandemic slam in early 2020, business owners have had to move quickly to realise drastic changes in their services to meet searchers’ brand-new needs in a endlessly unpredictable landscape.

While “Near me” scours pictured a slight drop in early 2020, since then, shall retain a steady rise, further solidifying the need for labels and businesses of all sizes to be present and discoverable online.

During the pandemic, nearly a third of customers have acquired from a firebrand that’s brand-new to them. In this article, we’ll explore tactics for surfacing your new or modernized business digitally to guide and alter these brand-new searchers during their decision-making process.

What types of questions are searchers querying? How can I do business with you?

When thinking about your Google My Business profile and adjusted for your information, the most important element is informing searchers how they can do business with you.

You’ll want to ensure all of your core place data is modernized. This includes marking whether or not you’re temporarily closed. If you’re open, you should have the most accurate operating hours wrote.

Furthermore, you should make it as easy as possible for searchers to get in contact with you if they have any questions. This includes attaining sure your phone number is accurate, monitoring your Q& A part on Google My Business, and enabling messaging if you have the staff to respond. These are all methods that start purchasers feel are attached to you, which will encourage them to convert and purchase from you.

What type of safety precautions are you making with your customers and staff?

The health and safety of customers and employees is top of mind for all searchers. As a business, this information should be front and center so potential customers can understand how important this is to your organization.

It should be incredibly clear to anyone looking to engage with your business what types of safety precautions and etiquettes you’re following, and how this could impact their junket to your business or the delivery of your services. These should include things like social distancing measures which may result in long strings, concealment requirements, etc. Surfacing this information as early as possible originates the decision to do business with you that much easier.

What types of services are you offering, and are these different than normal?

Businesses and buyers have had to adjust to so many new normals. In dictate to capture new customers and grow the evangelism of existing ones, remove as much friction as possible by communicating modifications up front.

If you’ve made changes to services or concoctions that users have come to rely on you for, make it clear what has changed and how. This is especially true for all-important businesses that are growing specially hectic and facing supply chain shortages.

What going to be able business do to communicate revises about new and changing services on Google My Business? 1. Update your aspects

Google has gone out dozens of highly visible attributes and will continue to introduce new ones. This includes items like whether you offer in-person or online service and appointments, delivery and pick up, and safety measures for in-person shopping. Keep an gaze on these and make sure all relevant peculiarities are applicable to your business.

2. Publish services and products

If you have these available for your category, they are a great way to introduce brand-new services and commodities or highlighting your most popular ones.

3. Add Google Posts

Now that Google has temporarily promoted the limit on API access for chains, businesses of all sizes should be leveraging affixes. Posts allow you to share timely and related updates encompassing temporary closes, make and service updates, promotions, and knack card options.

4. Update your portraits

If your commodity, busines, or place gazes different to returning customers, this can cause confusion or chagrin. Don’t underestimate the superpower of informed imagery on your Google My Business profile. Most smartphones have a high enough quality camera that even snapping a few situations each week and uploading these will be enough.

5. Publish added hours

Publishing added hours moves helps to surface the supplemental offerings “youve had”. These include elderly hours, online operating hours, drive through hours, getaway hours, and more.

Industry-specific considerations Healthcare

One of the most impacted industries, especially from a digital perspective, has been healthcare. Both sick and healthy patients have been forced to rethink how they can access their healthcare needs.

Healthcare administrations are making adjustments to serve existing and new cases. There’s been a large shift to offer telehealth appointments in lieu of in-person for a number of specialties from internal medicine to therapy. Governmental agencies likewise reported increases in telehealth stays, with a 154% increase in the last week of March 2020 alone.

Based on this data, in early April, Google flattened out a telehealth link for healthcare categories. This enabled healthcare organisations or providers to surface and convert cases with non-emergency needs who are cautious of call an office in-person.

Just as critical as launching telehealth subsidize was the introduction of the coronavirus testing facility information on maps and examination. Google My Business partnered with a number of third party state and governmental generators, as well as with Castlight to assimilate data for new testing areas. The roll out of COVID-1 9 testing report was a phased coming and has evolved over the last few months. For healthcare organizations offering COVID-1 9 testing, this is the most relevant and critical service you can add to your Google My Business directory.


For retail business, one of the biggest challenges faced over the last few months can probably be been inventory waverings and seeking techniques. This is why businesses of all sizes have been integrating product patronizing features and live inventory on their itemizes. Google even reeled out free product directories in the U.S. to supporter customs.

Once retailers have spawned it easy to see what produces are in stock, they’ve had to adjust to support different methods of ordering and pickup. This includes enabling “buy online, pick up in-store”, curbside getaway, and contactless transmission. Google has wheeled out attributes to highlight each of these, so businesses should ensure each location’s gives are reflected.

Financial business

Banks and organizations within the financial service industry have more limited alternatives due to regulations and the nature of their business. In addition to the safety measures they’re taking at their neighbourhood branches, bank customers ought to have relying on drive-up support and virtual banking services. By leveraging drive-through and online appointment attributes, as well as by spotlight peculiar drive-through hours, financial service providers can better help customers understand the ways they are unable terminated their bank.


Restaurants have had to deal with continual and fluctuating mandates that dictate restrictions on how and when they can open. Depending on where the restaurants are unearthed and the guidelines of the place, they have to communicate whether they offer delivery, takeout, and/ or dine-in, and what that looks a lot like. Some dine-in has been restricted to outdoor dining simply, while others have been restricted to smaller capacities to allow for social distancing.

There are a number of Google My Business pieces that you can utilize in order to let purchasers know what dining pieces you have available. Eateries should make sure to keep their dine-in, delivery, and take-out features informed. Utilizing poles to describe dining adaptations such as outdoor-only or limited indoor capacity can also be helpful for customers. If you’re offering delivery, online prescribes, or reservations, make sure you’ve reviewed the Online Ordering peculiarity that activates the blue action buttons on your Knowledge Panel.


Businesses of all sizes and manufactures have stirred it easier for consumers to engage with them as this pandemic continues to drive changes in everyday life. Follow these tips-off to make sure your modernizes are discoverable on your Google My Business profile, where the majority of “near me” examinations are happening.

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