Bootstrap 4 Code Snippets

Do you use Bootstrap 4 in your projections? If so, you may be interested to see these a few examples of it in action that we’ve obtained. From modals, sidebars, and thank you pages, to drag and discontinue, accept menus, and buttons, we’ve assembled a few cases tests of code snippets to help you further how you build your next website. So have a look, play with them on CodePen, bookmark, and be sure to check out our other collections while you’re at it.

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Bootstrap 4 Modal Demos

See the Pen Modal Demos by SitePoint( @SitePoint) on CodePen.dark

Sidebar Template

See the Pen Sidebar template by Mohamed Azouaoui( @azouaoui-med) on CodePen.dark

Thank You Page Template

See the Pen Thank You Page Template by Jacob Lett( @JacobLett) on CodePen.dark

Custom Drag& Drop

See the Pen Custom drag file upload by Aaron Vanston( @aaronvanston) on CodePen.dark

Float Label

See the Pen Float Label by Anton Staroverov( @tonycorp) on CodePen.dark

Responsive Menu

See the Pen Responsive Bootstrap 4 menu- light-footed/ gloom by Ivan Grozdic( @ig_design) on CodePen.dark

Play YouTube or Vimeo Videos in Modal

See the Pen Play YouTube or Vimeo Video in Modal- Bootstrap 4 by Jacob Lett( @JacobLett) on CodePen.dark

Auto Custom Buttons

See the Pen Auto Custom Bootstrap Buttons by Chris Johnson( @thecssguru) on CodePen.dark


See the Pen Wizard by Nily F. Vicent( @missvicent) on CodePen.dark

Pricing Table

See the Pen Pricing Table by Daniel Zawadzki( @danzawadzki) on CodePen.dark