Best of Perpetual Traffic—The 10 Most Popular Episodes

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If you’ve been running Facebook ads as long as Molly Pittman and Ralph Burns, you know just how much the pulpit and strategies have changed over the years.

And if you have been listening to Perpetual Traffic, the weekly give commerce podcast produced by DigitalMarketer, for the last 4 years, then you would also be in the know. Because Perpetual Traffic now has* breath* 200 chapters on the subject!

Ralph and Molly have been informing their listeners about the results at the forefront of digital advertise since 2015( yeah, you heard that right ). And with practically 4.5 million downloads, it’s safe to say that the listeners are seeing a good ROI of their time.

To celebrate crossing the 200 marker, we took a dive into our repositories and rallied the 10 most popular episodes of PT. Whether you’re listening to these 10 for the first time or rediscovering them, you’ll find a abundance of paid traffic ability in there.

And don’t forget to check out Episode 200 HERE!

A Few Words from the Hosts

But before we dive into the episodes, our hosts had a few words of thanks that they wanted to share.

Molly Pittman

” Ralph and I are so excited to celebrate episode 200 of Perpetual Traffic. Is thanks to our listeners and everyone behind the scenes who works hard to make this podcast happen. Perpetual Traffic is one of the most rewarding suffers I’ve had in “peoples lives”. To be able to help grow businesses and better the life of our listeners is truly an honor. We are committed to continue producing you all the most up-to-date, actionable information about digital media buying out there. Thanks again for your subsidize .”

Ralph Burns

” It’s hard to believe that we’ve now done 200 bouts! Thank you to everyone who’ve listened to us over the years and for all of those who have explained, payed evaluations, and shared their feedback. It entails so much. It’s really amazing to see how many beings and their businesses have been touched by this little show we started about four years ago. A special thanks goes to everyone from DigitalMarketer behind the scenes who moves the establish possible–especially our farmer Darren Clarke. We couldn’t do it without his technical wizardry, penetrations, facilitate, and carry. Here’s to another 200 occurrences !”

Perpetual Traffic’s Most-Popular Episodes Episode 145: How to Amplify Your Ecommerce Business Using Facebook Ads

Perpetual Traffic Episode 145

Do you run an ecommerce company?

If so, likelihoods are that you’re missing something. That stuff is a holistic structure for direct people who have never heard of you through the purchaser expedition to become reproduction customers.

If you’re looking for a plan that will bring you more purchasers while eliminating wasted ad expend, there is a requirement just listened to today’s episode.

Episode 51: How to Generate Traffic, Leads, and Sales with Social Media

Perpetual Traffic Episode 51

The Perpetual Traffic experts are joined by Jennifer Sheahan, founder at The Social Guild, to discuss how you can build a thriving social media business. Social pulpits are potent traffic generators, but you have to know what to do and how to do them. Anybody can get Likes and participation. But traffic, causes, and sales come when you result a process, and that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

Episode 150: 3 Facebook Funnels to Drive More High-Ticket Leads

Perpetual Traffic Episode 150

Special guest Oli Billson assembles the panel of experts to teach you 3 Facebook moves that start conversations with the prospects who want your services–on the platform they’re most likely to read and greeting on.

These moves make high-ticket induces whether you’re a brick and mortar, SaaS, internet marketer, or anyone else who needs to have a conversation with their customer.

Episode 33: The Ad Grid: How to Build Campaigns that Convert and Scale

Perpetual Traffic Episode 33

Fresh off of Traffic& Conversion Summit 2016, Molly is sharing her 7-step organisation for campaign and market programme creation.

In this escapade, Molly and Keith will walk through her T& C exhibition and how she’s created and exercised this system within DigitalMarketer’s own strategy.

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Episode 132: 3 Gradations to Build a Perpetual Traffic Machine

Perpetual Traffic Episode 132

Brand based advertise is essential to running a successful long-term publicize strategy.

In fact, it’s one of the three cornerstones of the “BCS Triangle” we’re going to show you in today’s episode. Implement the BCS system in your business, and you’ll be able to activate the 90% of your sell that most advertisers miss and build a perpetual congestion machine.

Episode 14: Frank Kern on Selling High-Dollar Products and Work with Paid Traffic Campaigns

Perpetual Traffic Episode 14

Are you inducing offers that require an in-person meeting or consultative sales call?

Frank Kern meets the Perpetual Traffic crew( Keith, Molly, and Ralph) to discover his 3-tiered structure for the purpose of establishing paid traffic safaruss that sell high priced products and services.

Episode 158: How Molly Pittman Generated 157,362 Pass from 1 Facebook Campaign

Perpetual Traffic Episode 158

157, 362 leads made. In 8 weeks. For just $1.08 per lead-in. All from 1 Facebook campaign!

Join the experts as they share the exact strategy Molly used to achieve these results … and how you can apply it to your next Facebook ad campaign.

We break down everything–the research process, how the ad specifies was established and, how Molly maximized the relevant tally, why ad rectifies were removed or boosted, and what the results from the campaign were.

If you want to improve how you’re organizing your own Facebook ad campaigns, give a diary and tune into this episode.

Episode 43: Ryan Deiss Shares 4 Steps to Crafting and Optimizing the Perfect Offer

Perpetual Traffic Episode 43

Ryan Deiss, co-founder and CEO of DigitalMarketer, and the Perpetual Traffic crew break down how to create an offer that parties actually want to buy.

Follow the 4-Step process to get the biggest leverage points to turn a losing safarus into a winning expedition- without being the Don Draper of imitation copying or having to change your bidding or targeting.

Episode 147: The 4 Mainstays of Advertising on Google

Perpetual Traffic Episode 147

If you’re advertising on Facebook but not on Google, you’re missing out on a great opportunity.( Especially if “youre running” a product-based business .)

After all, if anyone assures a produce they like, what’s the first thing they’re going to do?( Hint: Google it .)

Join the experts and guest Brett Curry as they dive into the 4 pillars of publicize on Google so you can leverage Google’s advertising platform and reach your potential purchasers. You’ll learn how to run ads is not merely on Google’s search engine, but including information on their shop platform, their exhibition network, and the pre-roll video ads on YouTube.

Episode 49: Boosted Announces: Microtargeting and Other Advanced Uses of Facebook’s “Easy Button”

Perpetual Traffic Episode 49

Dennis Yu, Chief Technology Officer at BlitzMetrics, attaches the Perpetual Traffic professionals to discuss why continuing it simple on Facebook can go a long way for your business. We’re going to talk about boosting berths, and why they are your bread and butter. Boosted uprights work for B2B, for small and medium-sized businesses, for financiers, for freelancers, for consultants, and purveyors on a small budget.

For anyone that’s ever thought they don’t have appropriate tools, or the public, or the resources to advertise on Facebook, this is the episode that will help you get started.

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