Basic SEO Strategies Yield Top Google Ranking

Basic SEO Strategies

The simple steps of basic SEO Strategies from Search Marketing Blog.

Basic SEO Strategies #1: Keyword Research: Supply and demand keyword analysis must be done in order to determine what phrases you pursue is one of the basic SEO strategies. Effective keyword research is required for on page website optimization. Don’t get hung up on the broadest and most competitive key phrases to rank for.

Basic SEO Strategies #2: Competitive Research

Understand what your competitors are striving to rank highly for. Then target all the other well searched phrases there isn’t much competition for. You’ll be far more successful getting 1% of a thousand then 0% of ten million!

Basic SEO Strategies #3: Good Keyword Content: Write good content about the phrases you’ve selected. This basic SEO strategy is critical for custom Web 2.0 website design standards. Be sure to write only one article per phrase. Make sure to sprinkle your chosen keyword into the headline tags, and throughout your article using it more in the beginning and ending of the article. Think of an hour glass.

Use related keywords throughout the middle of your article to gain a wider range of first page search rankings for more phrases.

Basic SEO Strategies #4: Keyword-rich Meta Tags: Creating proper Meta Tags. Although Google doesn’t put too much value on your title, description and keyword tags anymore, humans do. It does no good to have your page come up on the first page of search results only to be skipped because the description shown is poorly written.

You wouldn’t pay to run poor newspaper copy, so write good, catchy descriptions on all of your pages. Another trick is to capitalize the first letters of all the important words in the description. This catches the eye and gets the click.

Basic SEO Strategies #5: Internal Linking: Link your home page to your most important content pages, and then those pages to the less important pages. Make sure all pages use their main keyword as anchor text in a link pointing elsewhere. Be sure to link all pages back to your home page.

Although these are basic search engine optimization tips, they are all absolutely necessary for local SEO optimization. Get the basics done first then the rest of your first page search ranking work will be easier.

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Basic SEO Strategies