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Do you want to know how many people are connecting to you? Do you want to find more connection possibilities?

Well, I caused a free backlink tool which will enable it to do that( and so much better ).

I decided to call it Backlinks.

And, as you may have guessed, I integrated it within Ubersuggest so that route you can do more within one simple tool.

Here’s how Backlinks works…

How Backlinks operates

The first step is to head over to the Backlinks arrive sheet and form in a URL or a domain.


You’ll then want to select the type of backlink report you want to pull up.

backlinks drop down

As you can see, there are 3 main options ­čśŤ TAGEND

URL- this report will pull backlink information ONLY for that specific URL. Domain/*- this report will pull backlink intelligence for that orbit EXCLUDING subdomains. *Domain/*- their respective reports will gather all backlink information for that realm, including any subdomains. This option will typically give you the biggest backlink count number.

Once you figure out what type of query you want to run, hand-picked that alternative and stumbled the “Search” button.

The Backlinks report

At this site, you’ll realize a report that inspects something like this ­čśŤ TAGEND

backlink overview

This report will show you the domain score( the authority of a realm ), the overall number of backlinks, how many of them are follow versus nofollow, number of referring domains,. edu and. gov backlink counting, and the estimated organic traffic a land and URL receive.

In essence, you can get a quick overview of how you are doing versus your competition in seconds.

Tie-up analysis

When you haul up a Backlinks report, you are able to too look a full list of URLs linking to a website.

backlink report

By default, it pictures one tie per discipline to utter the report more useful. That route if someone links to you 100 days, you’ll insure the best link from that site.

If you want to see all 100 relations coming from the same site, unclick the “one link per domain” button.

one link per domain

In general, accepting the URL or domain you only pulled up has a lot of backlinks, you’ll determine thousands and thousands of links.

In each row, you’re provide access to ­čśŤ TAGEND

Source claim- what is the title of the sheet joining to URL/ Domain you seemed up. Target page- where the link is pointing to. If you are looking up a URL, then it will be pointing to that specific URL. If you searched up a realm, you can see where their relate is pointing to on that domain. Arena score- how definitive is the linking site? The higher the multitude the most wonderful. Page tally- how definitive is the linking sheet? The higher the number the most wonderful. Attach sort- is an incoming link through an epitome or a verse associate? Secure verse- does the link contain any keywords? You can easily see this through the fasten text pillar. Start understood- when did we first find this tie? Last viewed- when did we last creep and find this associate?

Advanced filtering

When you are looking for specific link opportunities, specially if you are looking up a competitor’s domain, you may want to use the advanced filters to find the best link opportunities.

backlink filters

Here’s how the advanced filters work.

Search box- in the box, you can type in any keyword or term and it will attract any URLs, titles, or anchor text that contain any of those texts. That room you can find what you are looking for faster. Area- if you want to only include or exclude is linked to certain region increases, such as. net,. com,.,., etc ., you can do so with region filtering. Refer discipline- if you want to include or omit links coming from a specific domain, this is the filtering option you can use. Linchpin- if you want to search for relations by a specific anchor text or exclude is linked to a specific anchor text you can do so with this filtering option.

And if you want to slice and dice the data in more advanced roads, you can always click the “export to CSV” button and play around with the data.

Tie are everywhere

As you may know in Ubersuggest you are eligible enter in a URL. Because of this update, we have integrated link data throughout multiple reports.

As you can see in the Overview report for the purposes of the” Traffic Analyzer” chief, you is not merely get traffic approximations, but you too get connection data.

domain overview

From referring domains to. gov and. edu been linked to region score.

The best part about this update is you now get detailed link information on the Top Pages report.

If you aren’t familiar with the Top Pages report, it shows the most popular pages for any domain.

top pages

You’ll notice that you can see how many tourists go to each URL and if you click on “view all” under Est. Visit, you’ll participate a roster of keywords that are driving traffic to that URL.

top pages keywords

And if you sounds “view all” under backlinks, you will see all of the URLs that are linking to that page.

top pages links


I hope you like Backlinks. I positioned a great deal of time, power, and fund into building it.

You can look up as numerous arenas and URLs as you require … both from your area or your competition’s. Best of all, there are no limiteds.

So, pate over to Backlinks and start typing in provinces and URLs.

What do you think of the tool? Please leave a comment letting me know your thoughts or if you find any bugs.

PS: You can also access the Backlinks report through Ubersuggest.

PPS: I are truly appreciate if you told parties about Backlinks and information technology shared.

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