Affordable Website Design Tips

Affordable Website Design

Creating an affordable website design is no easy task that is why it is important that you know at least the basic principles behind what makes a successful one. And for that there are certain website design tips that you should know.

If you think that good website design, including its look and feel, is not important then you are heavily mistaken. Just think about it. When was the last time you stumbled upon a website and just by the looks of it you got disappointed that you either immediately hit the back button or you type another URL? Such a thing has happened to all of us during our casual web surfing. Often the reasons are either the website looks horrendous or we find it very hard to navigate through its pages.

With most good website designs, what you really need to focus on is on the easiness of navigating through your web pages. It is not really how great looking your site as a whole is, but more on how easy it is for people to find what they need from it.

So to help you with those goals here are some website design tips that you should follow.

You should always think that not everyone has a T1 or a broadband internet connection. In fact there are still lots of people who have no choice but to use dial up connections. Why is this important? It is to remind you to make your website load as fast as you can make it to load. The quickest way to do this is to minimize the images and other graphics on your website because these occupy much space which contributes in slowing down the opening of your site.

Do not use any annoying music that automatically plays when a website is viewed. It is just plain irritating especially if the person who wants to view your website is located in an internet cafe or using any public access. Not everyone likes to have music automatically played for them, even if you think the music is easy and lovely enough for the ears. If you still want to retain the music, at least provide an option for your viewer to stop it or ask them permission first so they would be the ones who would play it on your site.

Always make sure that the colors you have chosen for your website complement each other. Any website design worth a second look employs proper color combination. As a result people stay longer on that site because they actually find it refreshing to look at the shades of colors displayed on your website.

Stick with just one to two font types so people will not be confused with your font selection. Three font types on a single web page would be pushing it, but it really depends on how well the fonts mix together. The important thing is you select a font that is perfect for reading through a computer monitor.

So there you go. These are the basic web design tips you must consider when you are creating your very own website design. Keep it simple and people would definitely love it.

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Affordable Website Design