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Affordable Website Design

For some webmasters the only important thing to consider with an affordable website design is that it looks nice. I can understand this from a basic point of view but creating a site that works for users is more than just picking nice colors. This is even truer if you depend on your site to generate sales & customers because a bad design will lose you both.

Navigation is key because web users have a shorter attention span than most and if they can’t find the main sections on your affordable website design quickly they will leave fast. Don’t let your design get in the way of your menu as it should stand out with a color scheme that is easy to read.

Flash can really brighten up a site if it’s used in the right way, i.e. a flash presentation of your office can look great. But never make the entire site out of flash, there’s too many problems with it. For a start your site will never rank well on Google so flash is one of the basic SEO mistakes and it won’t work on i-phones either, remember not everyone is using a PC.

Many webmasters like to throw in the whole kitchen sink when it comes to displaying content, but less is definitely more. The worst offenders are e-commerce sites which give you 10 pages of technical data on every product. Unless people can find the info they want fast they are going to leave a poor but affordable website design.

It amazes me that some webmasters still only test their affordable website design in the latest Internet Explorer. The fact is different browsers have various ways of rendering the same code and unless you test it in all browsers you’re never going to know. If I land on an affordable website design that doesn’t work in my browser I leave within 1 sec.

My last tip is to make sure your affordable website design and theme is consistent across all pages. There’s nothing more unprofessional than a site which changes font or color depending on which page you’re on. Remember if you want people to buy from your store or make an inquiry they need to trust that you are a professional and well designed site is part of that.

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