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Web Marketing and advertising may be a daunting thought for just about any business, particularly when you continually listen to phrases like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO), blog, domain name, ranking algorithms, Really Simple Syndication (RSS) etc. To help you comprehend what the key Web Marketing and advertising terms are, I have devised a checklist of fifteen phrases you have to know:

Affiliate Marketing Where you associate with other sites (by paying them) to market your products and services and promote on their web site.

Back linking A hyperlink going to come from yet another web site to your own. These are critical towards the successful SEO campaign as significant search engine spiders make use of backlinks to rank your internet site in comparison with others (when searching particular key phrases).

Blogs Otherwise known as Web Logs. Permits anyone to publish brief entries and information on a regular basis. A form of Social media.

Content Management System (CMS) An application that makes it possible for you to edit the content in your internet site with out having to be concerned about HTML or any website code. CMS might be internal or open source.

Domain Name = Your site address.

Flash Illustrations or photos and movement that move in your website. It might be interactive. A fantastic way to show videos on your web site.

Google The biggest search engine within the world. Google ought to be the basis for any Search engine optimization campaign.

Pay Per Click (PPC) A marketing and advertising strategy whereby your enterprise pays for marketing only based on the amount of clicks to your site. Mostly employed on major search engines like Google. Can be really costly if managed incorrectly or not supervised.

Rating Algorithms All search engines like google have rating algorithms. They’re all different. They determine exactly where your keywords rank when compared to your rivals.

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) A text file that provides subscribers and readers with straight fed content material.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Highly specialized procedure of methods applied to your web site to make it rank higher than your rivals for specific key phrases. Best to look for the suggestions of an affordable SEO expert when contemplating an SEO campaign.

Social media Optimization (SMO) The aim of attracting new and unique visitors to your website by means of interaction on social networking sites including Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. SMO works together with Search engine optimization and both are created to increase the visitors directed to your internet site.

Spam Information that’s continually submitted repeatedly in an effort to mass-market. It really is unsolicited mail that frequently winds up in your recycle bin. Using spam for Search engine optimization is recognized as being a ‘black-hat method’ and can result in your site becoming ignored by key search engines like Google.

Web 2.0 Interactive internet sites designed to inspire chat, postings and discussion. Facebook is really a very good instance of a Web 2.0 web site.

WordPress Essentially the most well-known blogging system within the world. Extremely effortless to understand and make use of.

Ok, so now you ought to have an concept of what each one of these phrases mean. They are merely complicated names for standard features and programs. If you’re actually unsure of what a Web Marketing and advertising expression means, be sure to study it. At the end of the day it’s most likely something really straightforward.

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