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As a small business website owner considers affordable SEO, it’s important for internet newbies to ask what are search engines and which ones are most important? Google is by far the largest search engine, so it makes sense to optimize your site for Google. Over 60% of searching being done online comes from a single search engine: Google. Do you have any idea how many websites are not optimized for the search engines? The exact number is very large but vague, but most aren’t optimized correctly for maximum search engine indexing.

After you created your custom website design pages the way you need so they can be read by the search engines, you must find a way to get each of them indexed into the directories and search engines. This is when affordable SEO should be considered. It is vital so submit your website to the main search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing and also secondary directories.

When you submit your website the affordable SEO process is not done yet, you will need back links. After you created your pages with good on-page optimization back links is what you need, they are the back bone to high and stable rankings. If you please Google, Google will please you. When you create your pages it’s important to create them for real people and not just for the search engines. Affordable SEO 101.

If you do achieve your desired ranking on Google it’s only 3/4 of the battle won. Google takes into account the visitor stay time on your site to determine if the visitors are getting related content to what they searched for. A better way to understand your job is to understand Google. Google’s job is to dominate search. If you give the searcher what he’s looking for Google will reward you. Benefits of affordable SEO.

Like I said back links are very important for stable and high ranking, but it won’t fit into this article.

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