Affordable SEO: 6 Steps To Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

Affordable SEO

Any website needs to have traffic in order to be competitive. One of the best ways of developing targeted and organic traffic is through a proper search engine optimization strategy. These very simple steps should help you to improve your search engine ranking.

Affordable SEO Tip 1:

The first step is to take time to make sure you know your current ranking. In order to find what you currently ranked in the search engines all you need to do is type in your targeted keywords and then find out your position. Do this any different keyword phrase that you are targeting and track all of the positions.

Affordable SEO Tip 2:

After you have done this you then need to evaluate and look closely at the competition. You need to look at the various different websites that rank above you and on the first page in particular. Study these closely and try to understand why they are ranking more highly than you.

Affordable SEO Tip 3:

Next you need to check the keyword density on your website. Ideally you will need to edit your website so that the keyword phrase that you are targeting has a density of between 4% and 6%.

Affordable SEO Tip 4:

Ensure that you commit to updating your website more consistently and frequently. Improving existing pages and add any additional pages, focusing on keyword density all the while. Always make sure that the content you add, however, is of high quality.

Affordable SEO Tip 5:

You also need to spend some time focusing on the process of building links to your site. Links can easily be gathered in several different ways such as article marketing and social bookmarking. Links are considered votes and therefore it is better to have as many of these as you possibly can.

Affordable SEO Tip 6:

Allow your website to age. The fact is that websites that have been around for longer will rank higher. As such, you may realize that in the first few months you may find it more difficult to get a high ranking.

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