9 Websites with Mesmerizing Background Animations

Looking for some animation inspiration for your next pattern programme? Some of the most stunning websites on the internet are the ones that use motion to immense impact. There’s nothing quite as memorable as a website with jaw-droppingly beautiful livings .

If you wish to see some of the best examples of JavaScript, WebGL, and CSS3 backgrounds, you’ve come to the right place. Now are 9 utterly captivating invigorated websites, compiled here for your inspiration.

Prior Holdings

Example of Prior Holdings

This website starts with a soothe, muted background. But as you progress through the screens and learn more about this bridal services companionship, you’ll attend airstrips of white cloth begin gently moving across the screen, then a whole rod elegantly undoes across it.


Example of HAUS

The first thing you’re responded with here is an accessing kaleidoscope animation that slowly moves and shifts between dyes, even responding to your mouse. Click to see more handiwork and the ball expands to take up the screen, switching its patterns and blueprints to pair the portfolio bit you’re hovering.

The Frontier Within

Example of The Frontier Within

Thorne’s website experience immediately accosts you with the thousands of intricately made specks, all responding to your mouse shifts with fluidity. Watching the molecules spurt along and sowing them with your mouse is strangely fun. And that’s really the first screen!

Turn on your webcam and suffer a shockingly accurate portrayal of your respiratory, circulatory, and nervous system, all represented by these little particles.

KIKK Festival 2019

Example of KIKK Festival 2019

Nothing regulates the place fairly like a great aesthetic animation, and KIKK claws it with a jolly pastel background layered with whirling blizzard. Even the logo appears to be dissolving into the blizzard. There are quite a few nice scrolling animations as well.

Yuen Ye

Example of Yuen Ye

When you called this beautiful portfolio, you’ll find the best examples of photography and scheme fluttering in the background like signals. These flags are dynamic and swing or buffer on their own or in answer to you scrolling and levitating. Explore further to find more beautiful background animations, everywhere from the about sheet to the portfolios themselves.

The View From Above

Example of The View From Above

These dynamic 3D fledglings look like something out of a movie. It’s simply dazing. As you move, you’ll be presented with more fantastic grove situations and beautifully invigorated animals. Plus, you can learn a little about the environment and how to assist the chicks in your area.

Create/ Disrupt

Example of Create/Disrupt

In one page, this portfolio manages to show off a immense regalium of distinct background animations. This is a UI/ UX design companionship after all, so you wouldn’t expect any less. Scroll through this short piece and explore the variety of compelling animations presented to you.

Digital Present

Example of Digital Present

Upon opening Digital Present’s portfolio, you’re immediately hit with a torrent of beautiful living. Move your mouse around, move, and hover each element as you browse this beautiful site to discover everything.

Creative Cruise

Example of Creative Cruise

Bright and joyful, Creative Cruise’s homepage salutes you with a enjoyable backdrop. Try clicking and dragging the road to see it spin endlessly. Or sounds any link to prepare the shadows in the background change. It’s a simple, but super-fun site to play with.

Energize Background Animations

Developers and designers have done amazing things with WebGL and other browser animation APIs. The daylights of flat, static entanglement intend are far behind us; now any website can become an inspiring experience, or a showy skill exhibit.

If you want to try meeting your own 3D living, one of these websites are a great place to start for going invigorated. Now that you know how the best places pull off creating enthralling animations, it’s your turn to start designing a beautiful area of your own.

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