9 Surefire Ways to Boost Social Media Following

In our loud, fast-paced, digital life, social media is the megaphone that amplifies everything.

Good thing, very, because today, brands are struggling to gain adherents who respond to their content and offers.

Social media is about human connection.

Think about it, hundreds of thousands of brand-new business start up each month, and nearly all of them are trying to carve their own social presences. And even if just a few are in your specific market, you’ve still came A LOT to compete against.

But having a successful social media strategy can symbolize the difference between your business succeeding or not.

With a strong social media proximity, you’ve got a warm public that’s primary to click.

So it shapes sense that one of the most important parts of your organic social media strategy is build and fostering your social following( after all, if none knows who you are, then nobody will buy from you ).

How do you do that? Here are 9 ways to boost your social media following fast–and grow your business while you’re at it.

1. Be Human

I’m not just talking about progressing those “I am not a robot” tests.

Social media is about human connection.

It’s where people extend when they’re lonely or bored–to find succour, brainchild, or a good roar. Which is why you need a social approach that’s more humane than corporate.

And yes, that’s important even if you’re a B2B business. Enterprises are run by people, after all.

Being human is about being real. It’s about being personal. It’s about employing with your adherents as beings rather than targets for your next campaign.

Take Red Bull, for example. They don’t talk much about their vigour liquors, but they don’t have to. By telling legends about their partner contestants, their meaning comes across loud and clear: Red Bull will help you do the marvelous things other people simply dream about.

Check out any of their content, and you’ll ensure real beings having adventures, suffering life, and overcoming the peculiars. Their force drink is almost an after-thought. But dang … don’t you require one?

Screen shot of Red Bull YouTube Social posts

Red Bull’s YouTube path causes, stimulates, and entertains by showing you what real parties are doing.

TIP: Find artistic ways to promote beings on your social media accounts–both the person or persons behind your firebrand and those who use your products.

2. Stop Being So Perfect

Ryan Deiss recently posted on LinkedIn, “Don’t affirm your collapses, don’t spin them; linger in them and learn from them.”

“Don’t repudiate your downfalls, don’t spin them; linger in them and learn from them.” -Ryan Deiss

Most parties don’t attend if you make a mistake. They do care about how you respond to those missteps. Do you try to feign they didn’t happen, or do you own them?

KFC decided to own their misstep. In early 2018, a new give provider didn’t perform their duties, leaving the thousands of UK locations short-change on their primary volunteer: chicken. There was nothing they are likely to do to fix the situation and all of the restaurants sector were forced to be closed down for a few days.

Pretty embarrassing, right?

Fans were livid. Competitors were chuckling. And some jump-start on the opportunity to win over sorrowful KFC customers.

In response, KFC operated a full-page ad, rationalizing for the errors by rearranging the messages of their name–probably show everyone’s feelings to a tee.

Image of KFC Bucket with altered

KFC extended a full-page ad in The Sun and Metro declaring their mistake.

This is a great example of not being excellent … and extending with it. KFC attested they have a sense of humor and a willingness to acknowledge everything they do, the very best, bad, and the ugly.

TIP: You will mess up. Royally, now and then. When it happens, you will help boost your social media following if you call it as it is: You screwed up. You neglected. You’re sorry. Then wipe up the mess and move on–most likely with supporters who revere your honesty.

3. Share Better Content

The winners in social media marketing aren’t simply planning positions and curating info. They’re sharing professional-quality material developed exclusively to improved social media.

“Better” content is designed for the path where it’s posted.

This content is funny, fascinating, and emotionally blamed. It leaves people wanting more , not moving faster to avoid “branded” content–because let’s be honest, it’s more interesting than the political affixes their friends are sharing.

The key is understanding “better.”

“Better” content is designed for the path where it’s affixed. But regardless of the format–text, graphics, or videos–it aims for caliber over length. It’s personal and unique. It’s social.

Take White House Black Market. Their Facebook page is as simple and stylish as the boutique.

Instead of one picture of this season’s dress, it gives you a montage of the dress, letting you see it in various settings.

And when appropriate, it mentions a current occasion. As it does now, paying tribute to a fashion icon.

The point is to be intentional–engaging with and entertaining your fans, so they eagerly come back for more.

TIP: To procreate better content, make sure it “looks” like your label. Use the highest quality imagery and the very best writing. Create campaigns where a series of uprights all follow the same theme.

4. Use Live Videos

One of the most wonderful things about social media is its immediacy. If something’s on your memory, you can share it right here and now using live videos.

Done right, you are able to have a huge impact on your label, captivating brand-new fans and cementing your relationship with existing ones.

Chris Brogan is the perfect illustration of this. He’s a master of using media and parish to lure customers.

Chris’s Facebook Lives straddle from 53 seconds to 8 minutes, but most are in the 2-minute straddle. Some recorded under his phone as he takes out the scum. Others are done at his table. All of them have seriously supportive tips-off for his fans.

TIP: Belief of your live videos as a channel within a canal. Initiate a substantiate with a particular ethic offer–like 3-minute tips-off to solve your audience’s biggest problems. The key is to be in-the-moment and share something valuable.

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5. Do Something Worth Talking About

Going viral can be good or bad. United Airline lost customers when the “United Breaks Guitars” video get live. But if you’re smart and imaginative, you can get people talking in a way that’s good for your public perception–and hopefully for sales too.

Dove’s Real Beauty campaign is an example of an emotionally billed social information campaign that got people talking about form disgrace and beauty.

You can also do something silly to get people talking. KFC generated a Colonel Sanders feline climber and aired 4 hours of livestreamed “cat-o-nine-tail” action.

The key is to understand your audience. You can aim for rips or mocks or both–as long as you’re relevant.

TIP: To create a unique campaign for your label, think of the# 1 expectation people have of your label. It are to be able to amusement, attractivenes, state, benefits … or something else solely. Formerly you’ve identified that quality, think of a meaning or phenomenon you are able put together to get people’s notice. Make sure it’s shareworthy and comes people talking.

And remember, a viral expedition may repulse as many parties as it captivates. But that’s okay. Your biggest followers will find you. Conclude Nike’s “Believe in Something” expedition with Colin Kaepernick.

6. Do a Giveaway

Giveaways are an easy way to get people’s attending. You can give away 😛 TAGEND


The key is to understand your audience.

Trips Tickets to an occurrence Commodity wraps Knack cards Coupons Or anything else you know your supporters would affection

You can ask for entries to sign up, have your partisans share a hashtag, leave a comment on a blog upright, or send you an email. Whatever helps you reaching your goals and proliferate your social strategy.

And you don’t even have to have detailed information figured out before you run with it. This giveaway by Bert’s Barracuda Harley-Davidson is a great instance of that 😛 TAGEND

The key is to pattern your expedition to achieve a specific business goal.

TIP: Identify your goal for the giveaway, then decide what you can give away. Consider consuming an app like KingSumo to operate the campaign. Then reward entrants for sharing the giveaway so you get as much reach as possible.

7. Offer Free 1-on-1s

Free consultations could certify as a giveaway, but they’re unique enough to authorize a separate discussion.

While giveaways work well as lead-generation safaruss by wreaking brand-new potentials into your pours, free consultations help you move potentials further along their Customer Journey–often leading to conversions.

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Consider offering an inspection or a schmooze about your follower’s# 1 challenge. You can take endless responses( peculiarly if you have a team to do the entitles ), or you could limit it to the first 20 responders.

Then ask parties to do something to qualify–like sharing a post on their social media, supporting your brand with a unique hashtag, or answering a question.

People perceive an expert’s season and suggestion as most valuable than a high-ticket concoction. So simply offering your time can build a huge social following fast–especially if you build in a compensation for sharing the furnish like you would with a classic giveaway.

TIP: Be sure to query champions to affix a “thank you” in social media, telling their followers what they learned from you.

8. Do Q& As

If you’ve got a well-engaged society, consider doing regular Q& A sessions.

You can offer “office hours, ” a specific time set aside every week for people to write in their questions. Or you are able to expect beings to refer their questions when you herald an upcoming Q& A session.

Regardless of how you organization them, Q& As can build their own communities, boost commitment, and quickly launch you as a thought leader.

This live flow with Steady Horse’s Noah Tillman-Young is a good example.

Still from a facebook video post

TIP: In addition to asking your fans for their questions, brainstorm your own index. That action, if you don’t got a lot of participation, you can keep the Q& A leading between live questions.

9. Ask Their Opinion

You don’t ever have to answer questions to build a strong parish. You can ask questions instead.

No one does this better than copywriter Bob Bly. Every period, he shares something he’s learnt, speak, or remember. Sometimes he shares his own belief, but he almost always asks for yours.

With this approach, Bob’s Facebook profile has largely become a daily newsletter. It’s too flourish his following faster than average–from zero to 5,000 in only a few short years.

Here’s a ordinary inquiry 😛 TAGEND

He may also ask for input, as he does here 😛 TAGEND

Q&A responses from a Facebook post meant to boost social media following

TIP: As you read your emails and browse the web every day, look for interesting factoids that are worth sharing. Then follow up by asking your followers what they envisage, what its own experience has been, or how they’d respond.

Being social isn’t an afterthought. It’s how you allure and engage with the very best customers. So it pays to have a strategy for enticing new followers and constructing engagement.

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