4 Steps to Operationalize Modern Marketing

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Live Webinar with Scott Brinker!Figuring out the right balance between work to be done, when it should be prioritized and which limited resources to use, can be one of marketing’s biggest challenges. You’re being asked to get more done and to do it faster, when teams are operating in silos, treats are all over the place, seeks are coming in fast and furious and you don’t know how much your crew can do without burning people out.

Modern marketing work involves modern workflows, and operationalizing those workflows is critical to be effective and scale your resources with the amount of handiwork you’re expected to do.

Join Mayer Becker, Principal Consultant at Zee Jay Digital, and Cameron Masters, Marketing Strategic Program Manager at Workfront, as they discuss demonstrated methods and strategies to help your team manage digital work processes with greater hurrying and efficiency.

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