4 Reasons to Visualize Your Data Now

computer with data graphics in background

There’s a reasonablenes classrooms have blackboards and textbooks have diagrams: Visuals fix message easier to digest. Situations can tell legends, infographics draw life to information and representations, and videos transform paroles into informative entertainment.

When it comes to amounts and statistics, data visualization can do the same and more. With intelligent graphics and interactive dashboards, data visualization professionals can distill big data into strong implements anyone can use. Whether it’s data you’ve accumulated or publicly available information, you can paint a picture, testify a phase, or mark a problem.

We chatted with Lindsay Betzendahl, Director of Analytics and Innovation at Beacon Health Options, to hear why she thinks “data viz” is such a great implement for businesses.

Why Should You Imagine Your Data?

Let’s investigate what visualization can do expending one of Betzendahl’s own interactive graphics, “Influenza Season.”

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