30+ Useful Pure CSS Code Snippets

In this pole, we’ve rounded up a collecting of useful pure CSS code snippets for aspects that are commonly used when designing and developing a website. We’ve included a few that may be less common, but might be useful for you if you are looking for a way to statu up or add interest in your project.

From parallax to livings to invoices and accordions, this list should be helpful for you to refer to any time you are looking for accomplishing something in your network developing exploiting simply unadulterated CSS and no JavaScript. So be sure to bookmark this sheet so you can refer to it next time you are looking for some guidance or inspiration.

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Slide Down Toggle

A clean and simple concealed body that slips down smoothly when the button is clicked.

See the Pen Pure CSS Slide Down Toggle by Surjith( @surjithctly) on CodePen.dark

Animated Gradient Background

Here’s a slight animation impression where the background gradient slowly and endlessly changes.

See the Pen Pure CSS Gradient Background Animation by Manuel Pinto( @P1N2O) on CodePen.dark

Parallax Star Background

A mesmerizing background with hotshots moving slowly through the nighttime sky.

See the Pen Parallax Star background in CSS by Saransh Sinha( @saransh) on CodePen.dark

Parallax Scrolling

Some may say that parallax has come and gone, but this cool pure CSS version makes a statement that you might want to utilize in your next project.

See the Pen Pure CSS Parallax Scrolling by Keith Clark( @keithclark) on CodePen.dark

Form With SVG Radio Buttons

A simple form with radio buttons replaced with SVGs and a subtle animation.

See the Pen Form with SVG radio buttons by Angela Velasquez( @AngelaVelasquez) on CodePen.dark

Hamburger Slide Out Menu

A handy, simple slip out menu that appears when the hamburger icon is clicked.

See the Pen Pure CSS Hamburger fold-out menu by Erik Terwan( @erikterwan) on CodePen.dark

Custom Checkboxes

Nicely styled checkboxes that will give your chassis a clean-living look.

See the Pen Pure CSS custom checkboxes by Glen Cheney( @Vestride) on CodePen.dark

Popup Modal Window

How about a clean-living popup modal space that doesn’t use any JavaScript? Here’s one.

See the Pen Pure css popup box by Prakash( @imprakash) on CodePen.dark

CSS Slider

A nice looking, smooth operating content slider with livings and navigation, all in unadulterated CSS.

See the Pen Pure CSS Slider by Damian Drygiel( @drygiel) on CodePen.dark

Glitched Text Animation

Here’s a cool snag text living outcome that could progressing well for large-scale headings.

See the Pen CSS Glitched Text by Lucas Bebber( @lbebber) on CodePen.dark

Animated Gradient Ghost Button

Want to spruce up your buttons? Try this nice gradient animation.

See the Pen Animated Gradient Ghost Button Concept by Arsen Zbidniakov( @ARS) on CodePen.dark

One Page Navigation Menu

This is a very clean, single page website with left sailing, where each sheet slips out from the right without refreshing the browser.

See the Pen One Page Navigation CSS Menu by Alberto Hartzet( @hrtzt) on CodePen.dark

One Page Vertical Navigation

Similar to the previous snippet, and by the same author, this variation consignments each page as a slide board from the bottom, along with keyboard navigation that syncs with the horizontal menu.

See the Pen Pure CSS One sheet horizontal sailing by Alberto Hartzet( @hrtzt) on CodePen.dark

Image Slider

Another pure CSS image slider with a clever invigorated change between slides.

See the Pen CSS image slider w/ next/ prev btns& nav flecks by Avi Kohn( @AMKohn) on CodePen.dark


Need some easy to code/ application CSS-only tabs in your next project? Now is a good example!

See the Pen Pure CSS Tabs by Wallace Erick( @wallaceerick) on CodePen.dark


How about an accordion instead of invoices to display your content? Thought you couldn’t do it without JavaScript? Think again!

See the Pen Pure CSS Accordion by Rau( @raubaca) on CodePen.dark

Direction-Aware Hover

Here’s a nifty prank! Hover over the box from any surface and it discovers something different based on which surface you slid your cursor in from.

See the Pen Direction aware hover pure CSS by Fabrice W.( @FWeinb) on CodePen.dark

Horizontal News Ticker

An old-school news ticker effect without any Javascript? Yes, it can be done!

See the Pen Pure CSS Ticker( Horizontal ) by Lewis Carey( @lewismcarey) on CodePen.dark

Multiline Text Cut Off With Ellipsis

This is a little specific, but still helpful in the chastise situation. Perhaps it was necessary to equal stature blog post excerpts. Do it with this unadulterated CSS snippet.

See the Pen Pure CSS multiline text with ellipsis by Martin Wolf( @martinwolf) on CodePen.dark

Toggle Buttons

Five clean-living gazing animated toggle buttons.

See the Pen Pure CSS toggle buttons by Mauricio Allende( @mallendeo) on CodePen.dark

Swanky Drop Down Menu

This is a really nice horizontal drop down menu with huge animations.

See the Pen Swanky Pure CSS Drop Down Menu V2. 0 by Jamie Coulter( @jcoulterdesign) on CodePen.dark

12 Loader Animations

Here are some handy spinners and loaders you can use for page consignment animations.

See the Pen Pure CSS Loaders kit by Viduthalai Mani( @viduthalai1947) on CodePen.dark

Content Filter

A very helpful, pure CSS content filter with a multitude of possible squander cases.

See the Pen Pure CSS content filter by Sam Gordon( @samgordon) on CodePen.dark

Swagtastic UI Stat Pop Out

A beautifully styled layout that could be used for statistics, a pricing counter, or whatever your imagination comes up with.

See the Pen UI Statistic Pop Out CSS by Jamie Coulter( @jcoulterdesign) on CodePen.dark

Folder Tree

A simple folder tree without any JavaScript.

See the Pen Pure CSS Tree by Rafael Gonzalez( @rgg) on CodePen.dark

Fancy Checkbox and Radio Button

Another variation on nicer than browser default checkbox and radio buttons.

See the Pen Pure CSS Fancy Checkbox/ Radio by Rau( @raubaca) on CodePen.dark

News Cards

This would be great for a blog pole schedule. Hover over a poster to reveal the excerpt and read more link.

See the Pen News Cards- CSS simply by Aleksandar Cugurovic( @choogoor) on CodePen.dark

Peeling Sticky

Here’s a enjoyable living of a label that rinds off on levitate. How could you use this one?

See the Pen Pure CSS Peeling Sticky by patrickkunka( @patrickkunka) on CodePen.dark

Horizontal Hover Accordion

A nifty horizontal accordion that divulges content on hover.

See the Pen Pure CSS Horizontal Accordion by Aysha Anggraini( @rrenula) on CodePen.dark

Funky Vertical Accordion

Another very nicely done horizontal accordion with slick animations and zero JavaScript.

See the Pen Funky Pure CSS Accordion by Jamie Coulter( @jcoulterdesign) on CodePen.dark

Animated Toggles

Another set of toggles, this time in flat and 3D versions, with distinct animations for each.

See the Pen Pure CSS Toggles by Rafael Gonzalez( @rgg) on CodePen.dark

Button Hover Animation

Spice up your buttons and links with this neat little hover animation effect.

See the Pen Button Hover by Katherine Kato( @kathykato) on CodePen.dark

How will you use these handy unadulterated CSS code snippets?

We hope you will find these pure CSS code snippets helpful in future developments campaigns, and hopefully we will save you some time next time you’re looking for any of these common elements to incorporate into your development.