22 Amazing Award-Winning Website Designs

You can browse templates the working day long, but sometimes you simply need to see a website in action to get inspired. That’s why we’ve put together this stellar collect of award-winning website patterns. Each of these wreaking something unique to the table that’s worth evaluating and potentially worth emulating on your own site.

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Everyday Experiments

Example from Everyday Experiments

Upon visiting this place, you’re met with a highly interactive event. Each “experiment” is interactive and more content unfolds as you move and click.

Un printemps suspendu

Example from Un printemps suspendu

Here’s another cogent layout that’s sure to provoke. This area follows the tour of two elevation guides and skiers, as you’re fully submerge via full-screen video and 3D made, seemingly immersive menu options.


Example from Canvas

And then there’s Canvas. This place is for a intend and proliferation studio that’s presenting their portfolio in a peculiar way. A genuine matrimony of organize and part through innovative load screens, parallax upshots, and cursor accents.


Example from Reed.be

Reed.be is a website for a digital busines that offers a truly unique interactive knowledge. On hover, your cursor advances control the central theme above-the-fold. But if you click the emoji pas, the object rotates and spins.


Example from Superfluid

This is another site with super interesting interactive consequences that fizzle in, fade out, and swipe up. Product leans deepen upon poise and the part shop know-how is designed to entice you into making a purchase.


Example from Blackmeal

This website for a motion layout studio is fun, immediately. The gigantic graphics interact upon hover and give a warm responding. Once clicked, you’re met with a portfolio that expands as you scroll.


Example from 14islands

Here’s a amusing one! 14 islands is a design and occurrence studio. Their website is flirtatious and informative. It boasts a custom cursor, unique hover upshots, and parallax scrolling.


Example from Altermind

Get ready to go on a expedition on the Altermind website. This consultancy website applies parallax influences that work both vertically and horizontally.

Khoa Le

Example from Khoa Lê

Khoa Le is a filmmaker and this website helps as a digital portfolio. More parallax effects are peculiarity here as well as full-width videos and interesting poise effects.


Example from Delassus

Delassus is a website for a producer of avocados, tomatoes, and other render. The area is super colorful, enforcing, and interactive.

Beans Digital Marketing Agency

Example from Beans Digital Marketing Agency

Another top select is the Beans Digital Marketing Agency. This website offers a peculiar spin on the traditional sell bureau area with full-width videos and a recreation and vibrant expedition to go along with the parallax outcomes and fascinating laden effects.


Example from JazzKeys

Now this is a super cool website design! The JazzKeys site responds to your keyboard input, creating an impromptu jazz masterpiece.

Listening Together

Example from Listening Together

The Listening Together website by Spotify goes to new intend altitudes. It features an interactive, three-dimensional graphic of a world. Upon clicking one location, you can hear a song snippet is also being streamed from there. Then, the place will join you up with another location that’s currently toy the same song. Innovative!


Example from Moooi

What a fascinating area pattern this is! The Moooi site offers a fully-immersive browsing experience with video and audio for showcasing the brand’s products.


Example from Portfolio

The Portfolio website is for a graphic and interface designer. It offers the cutest lading screen ever as well as interesting parallax, hover, and cursor effects.

Gucci Mascara Hunt

Example from Gucci Mascara Hunt

What a fiction method to promote a commodity! This website is an interactive competition that was used to promote a new mascara.


Example from underpromise

The website for underpromise supplies an interactive ordeal that speaks to those who have a deep appreciation of both the visual and literary arts.


Example from Agora

Another site worth checking out is Agora. It’s designed to promote a payment processing service and app. It does so through the use of rightfully immersive and interactive parallax design.

Olivier Gillaizeau

Example from Olivier Gillaizeau

And if you need more portfolio site design inspiration, this one for a creative administrator exerts a timeline-style layout with stylish poise impacts, parallax scrolling, and an abundant expend of color.

Clmt .

Example from Clmt.

Here’s a website for a photographer and skill administrator that offers unique scrolling accomplishes and an overall commit appearance.

& Tradition

Example from &Tradition

And here’s another area precedent that promotes concoctions in an innovative route. This area consumes slideshow headers, hover accomplishes, and large photos to captivate guest attention.


Example from HENGE

Last on our register is a site for a designing busines with full-width videos, parallax results, autoplay slideshows, and in-depth gallery-style presentations.

Use these Award-Winning Website Designs as Inspiration

If you’re trying to build a website right now, it can be difficult to know where to start. Thankfully, numerous award-winning website motifs are out there to serve as solid revelation for your next projection. Wander in the dark no longer, this collection of sites should get your imaginative liquids flowing.

Best of prosperity!