20+ Deliciously Dark Website Designs

Dark website motifs are where it’s at. Don’t believe me? They’ve become increasingly popular over the past year. Dark blueprints are thought to be easier on gaze straining and make for a more pleasant viewing knowledge. They can also contribute atmosphere to your site.

As more and more websites have shifted to dark mode in 2020, we thought it imperative to highlight some designs that really captivate the concept of light blueprints well. What follows is a list of over 20 delightfully dark website blueprints you’ll emphatically want to check out.

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Serge Thoraval: Atelier

The Serge Thoraval: Atelier website doesn’t exactly offer a dark intend — the committee is also boasts some really interesting outcomes. From a mouse flit consequence when the site is loading to transition effects when you scroll down the page, this area positions itself apart.

Dark Website Designs - Atelier


This site proposals a dark intend that reaches each portfolio section genuinely stand out. Plus, when you hover over each item, they color change and descriptive verse scrolls across it from right to left.

dark website designs - Basilico

Big Drop Inc

Big Drop Inc has a combination of flare and dark motifs that are both petitioning and effective.

dark website designs - Big Drop Inc


DevArt is another site with a dark designing that helps to fix the artwork it facets stand out. It’s too easier on the eyes than locates with brighter backgrounds.

dark website design - DevArt

Creative Park

The Creative Park website presents up a delightfully dark blueprint that allows the subject of photos to really stand out. It also has some really interesting transition effects for changing slithers, clicking connections, and opening menus.

dark website designs - Creative Park

Olivia Restaurant

The Olivia Restaurant website mimics the humor inside of the restaurant itself — dark, cozy, and inviting.

dark website designs - Olivia Restaurant

3D Hubs

The 3D Hubs website leverages its night layout to realise the components it features stand out. This also works well for displaying video and individual entries the company offers.

dark website designs - 3D Hubs

Welford Media

Welford Media is a web design firm that uses a obscurity design on its website to engage visitors. This blueprint pick allows the company’s tagline stand out at a glance and improves immediate interest.

dark website designs - Welford Media

Meaning 2020

The website for the Meaning 2020 Conference has a dark design as well. The gray-headed background allows the colorful logo to stand out and offers a repressed backdrop onto which videos and photos are placed.

dark website designs - Meaning 2020

Rich Brown

This is a website dedicated to the work of Rich Brown, an artwork director and UX/ UI designer. The locate itself boasts a gloom design onto which video backgrounds play seamlessly.

dark website designs - Rich Brown

Artem Pivovarov

The design on this website is super interesting. Artem Pivovarov has a dark design with a prominent photo background. It also has interactive elements in this background that react on hover.

dark website designs - Artem Pivovarov

Formigari Srl

Formigari Srl is another site you are able to check out for dark design inspiration. It highlights videos and photos on a depth gray-headed background that manufactures the entirety of the content feel immersive.

Formigari Srl

Canvas United

Still another locate you are able to check out is Canvas United. This site is for a New York-based digital agency that specifies some cool transition effects and an immersive experience.

Canvas United

The Kennedys

The Kennedys website currently boasts an under interpretation sign that’s set on a dark background.

The Kennedys


The Resoluut website renders a darknes violet background with personas that appear as though they’re poising on top of it. “Theres a lot” of play with depth of land here.



Still another option is the Fantassin website, which pieces a dark background and tons of cool scroll consequences that attraction the eye further down the page.


Cody Petts Studio

The Cody Petts Studio website spotlights the work of Cody Petts, including periodical and packaging designings as well as photography. It’s dark, gritty, and exceedingly compelling.

Cody Petts Studio

Kazuma Kurata

The design for the Kazuma Kurata website offers a pitch-dark background that’s intimately inviting. It forms the colorful particular aspects of boasted photos stand out even more. The pattern and purpose of the site make it clear why it’s deserving of its AWWWARDs Nominee status.

Kazuma Kurata


The Bachoy website spotlights a creative and tech studio. The gloom designing peculiarity now exploits a cool spotlight waver result and interesting interactions with photos as you scroll down the page.


Agency Legend

The Agency Legend website has a rightfully appealing site that takes advantage of superhero themes to increase engagement.

Agency Legend


Last on our roster is the website for Arara, which offers battery-free bicycle brightness. This area is dark but not progeny, and instead uses the darker background to induce the bright colours featured in idols and videos “pop.”


Dark Website Designs Can Serve You Well

As you can see from the precedents listed above, dark website schemes is to be able to make the overall seem of your website to the next statu — whatever that mean for you. Whether you was intended to prepare colours examine more vibrant, simplicity see straining, or stipulate a humor, pitch-dark layouts furnish opennes in both chassis and gathering. Have fun playing with them!

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