19 Tools to Make You a Better Social Media Marketer

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From the title of such articles, you know you’ve stumbled upon 19 gilded eggs of social media marketing tools. What you may not realize is these eggs were found, tried, and tested by Roland Frasier. He’s the CEO of the War Room Mastermind. That means that he’s the head honcho of helping million-dollar marketers … become better marketers.

He’s one of the most popular orators at the annual Traffic& Conversion Summit and after each representation the gathering usually simply stares wide-eyed, unsure of what to do with all the new information.

This article will help you automate, optimize, and investigate your expeditions on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Snapchat using a top-dog’s social market tools.

Here are the 19 social media marketing tools you shouldn’t live without.

Linked Helper


Linked Helper Social Media Marketing tool

Linked Helper is a LinkedIn commerce tool. Their goal is to utter your LinkedIn marketing strategy as automated as possible. Linked Helper costs $15/ month maximum and has automation options for ties-in, messaging, and acceptances. They also have an email list builder and a index administrator, so you can build a marketing funnel.

Linked Helper 😛 TAGEND

Sends personalized messages Auto-responds to meanings Automatically exports visitors’ sketches to a CSV file Endorses your contacts automatically to better your chances of being endorsed in return Automates coming and unfollowing


Paid: $$$

Agorapulse Social Media Marketing tool

This is a social media management tool for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. With Agorapulse, you can run all of your social media notes and your social media unit from one pulpit. You can create a content calendar that produces to every social account, taught us your gathering, stop trolls from leaving negative mentions, export your social media stats, and communicate with your social media administration team.

Agorapulse 😛 TAGEND

Let’s you provide answers to all of your social media words in one lieu Finds relevant social speeches that your audience would be interested in Measures your adherent emergence, date, and changeovers Posts content based on your planned Aid communicate with your crew and control each member’s task access


https :// hypegrowth.com

Paid: $$

Hypegrowth Social Media Marketing tool

Hypegrowthwas created for businesses and social media marketers who are growing an Instagram or Twitter account. They’re a adherent increment services which are demonstrates their clients real and hired admirers. The following is 2 means, an Instagram growth plan and a Twitter growth plan. They also have Instagram analytics and a Twitter unfollow tool.

Hypegrowth thrives your preceding by interacting with other chronicles. None of the admirers are forge or forced to follow you–they’re organic admirers. They say that you’ll encounter upshots within 2-3 dates of starting the service.



Dux-Soup Social Media Marketing tool

Dux-Soup is another LinkedIn sell implement that notices, allures, and commits with prospects for you. Their motto is that you should be building relationships with your expectations , not chasing them. To do this, you’ll create a relationship on LinkedIn with them via Dux-Soup’s features.

Dux-Soup can 😛 TAGEND

Message prospects at magnitude Send follow-up messages to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd ties-in Organize your potentials to see who is the most likely to convert to a patron Form micro-targeted sales expeditions from uploaded profiles


Paid: $$

Socialmonials Social Media Marketing tool

Socialmonials draws social information campaign for businesses. Their automated expedition make ego optimizes to increase your ROI. They’ll give you a pixel code to place on your website so you can track your ecommerce incomes and pass, as well as automatically employed all persons who enters or shares your safarus into a CRM in order to be allowed to retarget them later.

Socialmonials tells you 😛 TAGEND

Create a material calendar, preview uprights, and contributed portraits and connections Integrate user-generated content into your social media schedule Launch social safaruss to social media and your website Originate a personalized share button Track data and compare analytics


Paid: $$

PowerAdSpy Social Media Marketing tool

PowerAdSpy sleuths on your contestants Facebook ads and tells you what’s function and what isn’t. Imagine if Buzzfeed’s Top Performing Headline article turned into a social media marketing tool that indicated you the Facebook ads relevant to your niche. They’ve placed millions of ads from 15 countries under one scarf and give you the opportunity to search through them by top musician, keywords, shares, likes, criticisms, and calls to action.

Using PowerAdSpy, you can 😛 TAGEND

Search ads with your keywords and find precise data about the ad Realize the live ad instantly on Facebook Bookmark the best ads to your personalized ad swipe register View the geo-targets of your entrants

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Social Media Scorecards


Paid: $$$

Anyleads Social Media Marketing tool

Anyleads is a lead generation software for small and vast companies. Their platform embraces a lot of digital marketing cornerstones, helping customers with needs that reach from a sales chatbot to a personal material writer.

Anyleads peculiarities 😛 TAGEND

A marketings chatbot that captivates guest data A social proof widget that registers notifications on your website An artificial intelligence personal content novelist that creates daily material A prospecting tool for detect and capturing emails and communicating safaruss A YouTube subtitle extractor A community of influencers you can choose to collaborate with



Rev Social Media Marketing tool

Using Rev, you can upload audio records and get a transcription, computed captions to videos, and change documents. It’s one of the most necessary social media marketing tools for businesses who rely on videos for transitions. What’s unique about Rev is that they likewise furnish foreign subtitles. Their service is great for business owners, but it’s too used for law, academic, and personal needs.

Rev can 😛 TAGEND

Transcribe audio or video for$ 1 per minute Caption videos for$ 1 per minute Translate and transcribe videos into subtitles in foreign lingos for $3-7 per minute Translate documents into 35+ communications for $0.10 per oath


Paid: $$

AdEspresso Social Media Marketing tool

Marketers can use AdEspresso to make ads for Facebook, Instagram, and Google and then optimize them as they’re running. The safarus developer oversees all of your ads and analyzes how well they’re doing. They too have a built-in communication platform( like Slack) that will enable us to collaborate with yo ur team.

AdEspresso facets you’ll like 😛 TAGEND

Create campaigns for Facebook, Instagram, and Google Manage all campaigns in one platform Analyze safarus revelations Communicate with your team and recommend expeditions/ have safaruss sanctioned


Paid: $$$

Catvertiser Social media Marketing tool

Catvertiser is one of the social media marketing tools that is specifically for Facebook. It’s an ad campaign builder and optimizer. It’s same to AdEspresso, but wholly focused on Facebook. They have safarus templates and creative enters, a Google Analytics integration, and an automated increase facet for advert ising your best content.

Catvertiser abuses a cost per action( CPA) entreat modeling so you only pay for your ads when an action is taken by a customer. You can choose the action that concludes the most sense for your expedition or A/ B test actions to see which one has the best ROI.


Paid: $$

Driftrock Social Media Marketing tool

Driftrock is a sales and lead generator for Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn. The social media marketing tool platform will connect all of your precede contemporary sources and move produces from the first click all the way to offline purchases.

Driftrock syncs with 😛 TAGEND

Facebook custom audiences Google patron join Facebook contribute ads LinkedIn extend contemporary Local Facebook ads Facebook mart Lead analysis and segmentation

Facebook Pixel Helper


Facebook Pixel Helper Social Media Marketing tool

This Facebook social media marketing tool is a feature of Facebook. It’s designed to ensure that your pixel is working and optimized. For precedent, if your pixel is too far down on your website page, you won’t be get data to retarget pilgrims on Facebook.

You can find all of the information you need about Facebook Pixel Helper on Facebook’s developer page .

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Social Media Scorecards


Paid: $$

Followerwonk Social Media Marketing Tool

Followerwonk is a Twitter analytics implement. Using the social media tool, you can search Twitter bios, liken users, track admirers, and sort partisans. This is a social media tool for businesses, organizations, and marketers focused on originating their Twitter following.

Using Followerwonk, you are able to 😛 TAGEND

Search Twitter bios to find parties that you should connect with Compare accounts so you can find adherent overlaps and target new influencers Analyze admirers by locating, bio, who they follow, etc. Compare your relationship with your partisans to your competitor’s Find the contents that your partisans like “the worlds largest”

Meet Edgar

Paid: $$

Meet Edgar Social Media Marketing tool

Meet Edgar is a content organization tool that presents marketers a region to planned, share, and recycle announces. Their main competitor is Hootsuite–but Meet Edgar presents category-based content libraries, planned opennes, and an auto-filled queue.

Meet Edgar is an instrument that for businesses, purveyors, and agencies who are trying to 😛 TAGEND

Create social affixes swiftly with a browser postponement Impel usage, color-coded content planneds Automate publicizing and reshaping content A/B test social affixes Have a weekly report of their social media penetrations Use short links to track clinks


Paid: $$$

Sprinklr Social Media Marketing tool

Sprinklr is a social media management tool for endeavours. Within their gloom, they offer social and messaging suites, advertise, marketing, and research.

Their social platform lets you find, engage with, and listen to your patrons Sprinklr Advertising appoints safaruss for your target audience that get published at very good hour across all social pulpits You can improve your content by exploiting planning tools, workflow automation, and AI revelations Get data on your target demographic

Make Me Reach

Paid: $$$

Make Me Reach Social Media Marketing tool

Make Me Reach is a campaign developer, optimizer, manager, and reporter. It’s the first social media marketing tool on this list that also is collaborating with Snapchat.

Here’s what you can you with Make Me Reach 😛 TAGEND

Create campaigns for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Google ads Automate and optimize safaruss based off objectives Manage over 1,000 campaigns Custom analytic reports for mobile and desktop



Tweriod Social Media Marketing tool

Tweriod is a social media marketing tool for Twitter consumers who need to know when the best time to tweet is. They psychoanalyze your tweets and your followers’ tweets and send you a full report on the best days for you to post.


Paid: $$$$

Qwaya Social Media Marketing tool

Qwaya is a Facebook advertise scheduler. It lets you named your own bid rules and trails your transitions. They accuse a flat proportion of $149/ month instead of basing their rate off of your Facebook ad spend, like other social media marketing tools do.

Qwaya makes you 😛 TAGEND

Build, schedule, rotate, unionize, and separate test ads Make multi-product ads Make campaign rulers based off of achievement Originate URLs Analyze your data on Google Analytics Add coworkers to your account for collaboration


Paid: $$$

StitcherAds Social Media Marketing tool

StitcherAds is a Facebook and Instagram ad tool for ecommerce and brick and mortar supermarkets. They furnish a personalized campaign make based off consultations with their Facebook and Instagram professionals. One of the most unique features of StitcherAds is they help you outsource campaign management to characterized freelancers.

Using StitcherAds, you are able to 😛 TAGEND

Use their answer operators for any campaign tech hiccups Get a personalized safarus strategy Build an persona or video campaign Outsource campaign part Recognize product-specific data to improve your ads

A social media strategy that grows your adopting, does you engagement, and appoints conversions can be automated. Using Roland Frasier approved tools, you can automate most of your social media strategy, optimize it, and then analyze it so you’re thriving your empire.

Regardless of what social media stage you’re trying to take over, there’s a social media marketing tool waiting to get to work.

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Social Media Scorecards

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