18 Modern Fonts To Use In 2020

Using a modern font can really elevate the gaze of your work. Whether you’re creating flyers, business card, or website headers, chosen by the right font communicates important information about the content you’re provide. Modern fonts, in particular, reassure your potential customers or clients that you know what you’re doing and that you have a solid comprehend on how to accurately depict a cohesive branded message.

To help you get started on your next layout, we’ve compiled a inventory of 18 fonts here that fit the bill. Many of these are free modern fonts that you can get started with using immediately. Enjoy!

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Rothko Modern Art Deco Display Font

Rothko - modern fonts 2020

This lovely font embraces the artwork deco style on the 1920 s while continuing to seeming entirely modern and of today.


Arapey - modern fonts 2020

Arapey is a straightforward-looking font that can be used for any number of purposes. It’s sophisticated and simple.

KINFOLK- Modern Serif Font

Kinfolk - modern fonts 2020

The Kinfolk font is described as a modern serif excerpt. It offers a traditional looking with a feel alternative pattern points that make it stand out from the pack.

Modern Leaves

Modern Leaves - modern fonts 2020

Here’s another lovely choice. Modern Leaves pieces note styles with irregular statures that make it ideally suited for deeds, headeres, and graphics.

Sundays- Modern Serif Font

 - modern fonts 2020

The Sundays font is delightfully simple and that’s accurately why it’s so requesting. Get your point across without overwhelm viewers.


Butler - modern fonts 2020

Butler is a chunky font that’s perfect for designations and graphics. It allows you to demand attention and be bold while maintaining a modern appeal.

Rylan- Modern Serif w/ Free Extras

Rylan - modern fonts 2020

Rylan is another lovely option for a serif typeface. It boasts elements of more classic fonts hitherto accepts unique directions for specific notes that make it stand out.


Moderna - modern fonts 2020

The competently named Moderna font lookings almost futuristic but not alienating. The notes are rounded but still wholly legible.

Heather Oliver- A Modern Script

Heather Oliver - modern fonts 2020

If you’re looking for something a bit fancier, the Heather Oliver font delivers. This script font is modern and versatile.

Modern Fantasy

Modern Fantasy - modern fonts 2020

The Modern Fantasy font proposals a mischievous inspect that can be applied to many different types of projects. From website headers to sell cloths, this one can suffice you well.

Permian Serif

Permian Serif

The Permian Serif font is simple, straightforward, and classic. But, it’s not stodgy and manages to offer a modern spin on a traditional style.

The Chic& Unique Modern Font Bundle

The Chic & Unique Modern Font Bundle

This font bundle can be applied to a wide number of situations and offers various fonts that fit the modern moniker.

Mr Eaves

Mr Eaves

The Mr Eaves font offerings the combined effects of modes that work well together. This sans serif font is slightly bubbly but still clean-living and comprehensible, manufacturing it useful for numerous projects.



Another option is the Soria font. This one is a serif provide that includes elements of dialogue typefaces as well and would contribute an aura of elegance to any project you create.

Latin Modern Mono Font Family

Latin Modern Mono Font Family

The Latin Modern Mono font is highly reminiscent of typewriter fonts with a modern twist and flair.

Top Modern

Top Modern

Another option is the Top Modern font. This one is a serif typeface that has much of the appeal of traditional options without gazing abiding or redundant.

Modern 216

Modern 216

Modern 216 is a serif typeface with larger than-you’d-expect spacing, and a flatten of the letter elevations that make it stand out as a modern choice.

Computer Modern Font Family

Computer Modern Font Family

Last on our roster is the Computer Modern Font Family. This excerpt is a sans serif hand-picked that’s simple and modern, all while returning off a definitely tech look.

Employment These Modern Fonts in Your Next Project

There’s no reason to wait around before trying something new for your next blueprint. This collecting of free and premium modern fonts will promote your work and give confidence for your customers and patients. So, have a look and is starting! Be sure to check out our other modern font collects extremely!

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