16 Pitch Deck Templates You Need to See

When you find the need to put together a performance, it’s vital to have a solid template at your disposal. This is especially the case in order to prepare for a degree floor. After all, this is going to be someone’s first impression of you, your business, or your project. It’s key that whatever template you choose is high-quality and eye-catching.

That’s why we’ve done the hard part for you and sourced 16 pitch deck templates that give real functionality and look great doing it. Each of these have a slightly different look that can be utilized for a wide range of businesses or projects.

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Pitch Deck Keynote Presentation

Example of Pitch Deck Keynote Presentation

This pitch deck furnishes a clean layout with a definite style that can serve your presentation well. It’s got a lot of whitespace but spate of key feature divisions that are in a position oblige your content stand out.

Nia Pitch Deck

Example of Nia Pitch Deck

The Nia Pitch Deck is lovely to look at. The layouts implement inclinations to dazing influence to oblige your content examine peculiar. It can be used for corporate slog but ricochets the traditional boxy design.

Business Pitch Deck Keynote

Example of Business Pitch Deck Keynote

Another option is the Business Pitch Deck Keynote. This one spawns stunning implement of a grayscale layout with colorful punctuation to make a statement.

Pitch Deck Powerpoint Template

Example of Pitch Deck Powerpoint Template

If you’re looking for something clean, the Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template is a nice choice. Create bulleted rosters, colorful charts, graphs, icons, and more.

Pitch Werk

Example of Pitch Werk

Pitch Werk is another immense alternative for making a presentation that makes an impact. Drop shadow accomplishes on personas, unique plot options, and idol hall organizations volunteer diversity in presentation.

Manola Pitch Deck Keynote Presentation

Example of Manola Pitch Deck Keynote Presentation

Or you can use the Manola presentation that proposals an all-business tar deck layout that comes your point across without being boring.

Lyon- Presentation Deck Template

Example of Lyon - Presentation Deck Template

The Lyon pitch deck is super simple but has the benefit of offering plenty of coloring options for backgrounds, text, and charts.

Pitch Deck Powerpoint Template

Example of Pitch Deck Powerpoint Template

Your pitch deck will seem professional and sophisticated if you use this option. It offers interesting layout constituents, nonetheless, that make it stand out. Check out the angular graphics on that pricing table slide, for instance.

Matrix- Minimal Powerpoint Presentation Template

Example of Matrix - Minimal Powerpoint Presentation Template

If a darker glance is more your thing, the Matrix PPT is lovely. Use full-width epitomes, supplement fragile overlaid verse and icons and more to get the effect you want.

Startup Pitch Deck Presentation

Example of Startup Pitch Deck Presentation

The Startup Pitch Deck Presentation offers plenty of colorful backgrounds, verse options, and stylized numbering and graphics to keep your public engaged.

Pitch Deck

Example of Pitch Deck

The Scofe Pitch Deck is corporate-looking, with lots of whitespace, room for charts and maps, as well as a unified coloring story.

Pitch Deck Powerpoint Template

Example of Pitch Deck Powerpoint Template

Another option worth checking out is this Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template. With curving graphical constituents and interesting idol segmentation, your presentation will be as pursue as it is informative.

Pitch Deck Keynote Template

Example of Pitch Deck Keynote Template

This option includes 32 slithers with a variety of style and layout selects. Include idols, statistics, maps, charts and diagrams, likenes overlays, bullet tops, and more.

Spielburg- Pitch Deck

Example of Spielburg - Pitch Deck

Still another choice is this Spielburg pitch deck. Its large, bold headings make it easy for your public to stay abreast of the topic at hand. In addition, the easy spring of information is concise and attractive.

Bright Pitch Deck Keynote

Example of Bright Pitch Deck Keynote

You may also wish to consider the Bright Pitch Deck, which squanders bold and colors dyes to draw you in. Who ever said renditions have to be suffering?

Fintech Startup Pitch Deck Presentation

Example of Fintech Startup Pitch Deck Presentation

Last on our inventory is the Fintech Startup Pitch Deck Presentation. This one offerings bright, solid hue to hire the eye, all while utilizing insidiou emblazon discrepancies to overlay text caskets, maps, and graphics. This one uses the best of web design to create a familiar presentation layout that works.

Getting Started with Pitch Deck Templates

Pitch deck templates can help you exceptionally when trying to put together a presentation that pleads to your target audience. Without it, you’ll be tasked with spending a lot of time custom intent something when you could be spending that time carrying out other actions of your company.

Hopefully, this collecting of move floor templates will guide you toward an option that clothings your needs and indeed best represents what you’re about.

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