15 Quiz Funnel Examples to Inspire You

If you’ve ever been sucked in by an online quiz, you understand why so many companies these days are turning to quiz moves for their lead-in generation.

No, I don’t mean the BuzzFeed quizzes about what type of sandwich you are( I’m a bacon egg and cheese on sourdough, in case you were inquisitive ). I intend the quizs that ask questions about your “hairs-breadth” nature to try to sell you shampoo or query whatever it is you buy your drapes so they can sell you a due box.

It seems like every Facebook and Instagram ad is based in some sort of quiz funnel now. If you are anything like me, you’ve been caught up in these engaging lead-grabs…

…They are just fun.

And they work.

Not simply that, but they can be a quick way to get detailed information about your potential client, and address purchasers hesitations, which is contributing to direct them to the product that’s right for their needs.

They likewise helpfully allow retailers to gather data on what wordings and types of commodities are most popular or in demand, which promotions with meaning inventory.

So to help you brainstorm for your own lead generation, there are 15 huge quiz funnel samples you can swipe.

Warby Parker

Warby Parker Quiz Funnel

The low-cost eyewear retailer will transport 5 duets of encloses to potential customers to try on, but electing exclusively 5 can be tough from Warby Parker’splethora of options. Plus it’s difficult to gauge from a photograph alone whether a specific enclose form will work on a particular face.

So Warby Parker’s quiz promotions patrons narrow down their options.

It not only filters their collecting by the width of the customer’s face, but gleans the customer’s preference for make textiles, chassis, and size–all with side proceeded sketches that accurately, well, show what the fuck is planned. It’s a recreation, quick, and painless quiz that doesn’t wrack a person’s brain.


YogaClub quiz funnel

YogaClub is a monthly subscription busines for athletic wear.

Their quiz gathers information on where useds frequently purchase sporting drapes. They volunteer a variety of clothing retailer illustrations from the pricy LuluLemon, all the way down to discount retail store, like T.J. Maxx. This allows them to immediately get a sense of the expenditure levels and modes a patron opts, without having to ask a dozen more questions.

YogaClub’s quiz likewise utilizes pictographs to gather body shape information which helps users opted which shape best represents their body, and offers a description of the different body chassis rather than specifying them.

Better Help

BetterHelp quiz funnel

Better Help is a digital mental health issues provider offering low-cost, remote mental health services. This quiz assesses the user’s mental health needs, interest tier in talk regiman, and mental health to match clients with a healer that works for them. It also does suicide prevention screening–which can help save lives.

Better Help’s quiz too devotes possible buyers a chance to state predilections for a culture are consistent with a mentor. This directly addresses a sorenes point that many individuals have with talk rehabilitation: finding a therapist that understands their background.

Maintenance Of

Care Of quiz funnel

Care Of is a personalized vitamin company. And this quiz goes specific. It asks for basics like your experience with making vitamins, what your goals are, and overall lifestyle questions.

But it also inquires into customers’ advantages for how they prefer to take vitamins( not everyone enjoys swallowing a assortment of huge capsules, and Care Of is mindful of the fact that ).

On top of it, they muster info on what the customer often devours in a week–crucial message when you’re a vitamin company would be interested to fill-in consumers’ nutrition gaps.

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Naturally Curly( NC)

Naturally Curly quiz funnel

NC is a specialized haircare website and e-commerce company, focusing on a segment within the haircare space–those with curly hair.

Naturally Curly’s quiz doesn’t really is collected. It affords significance by educating as it obtains, sharing information on curl type and explaining key aspects of curly hair that customers may shortcoming awareness of( who knew hair had different porosity grades !?).

The quiz then likewise moment buyers instantly to the curly hair concoctions that target their hair kind, which are conveniently accessible right on Naturally Curly’s website.

It’s notoriously difficult to find the claim commodities for curly hair forms, so training and recommending targeted produces to their audience renders immense–and immediate–value.

Blue Bottle Coffee

Blue Bottle Coffee quiz funnel

Blue Bottle Coffee’s quiz breaks down the user’s chocolate likings according to brewing mode, brightness, length they imbibe, and flavor preferences–do you like a more floral or earthy flavor?

The quiz is immediate with some unexpected, more BuzzFeed-y turns, and more off-the-wall questions–like wishes for salad dressing. This excitement keeps the users locked throughout the quiz process. In the end, they narrow down their recommendations to 2 coffees that fit the user’s wishes, which escapes decision fatigue and encourages them to try their chocolate. It’s easier to justify buying 2 different coffee options than 10, you know?


Sephora quiz funnel

As a beauty retailer, Sephora sells produces across a number of lists and labels. To help aid in product selection, they render an entire area of quizzes( don’t mind me, I’ll really be doing “quiz funnel research” all afternoon ).

All of Sephora’s quizzes are utilitarian and narrow down commodities by type and consumer concern–including an option to choose all clean commodities. Furthermore, they’re all short-lived( 2-3 questions, max) and filter customers’ alternatives fantastically quickly.


Thinx quiz funnel

Thinx is an environmentally friendly corporation that meets point underwear for women looking to ditch traditional hygienic products.

Thinx’s quiz makes enormous employ of illustrations to cut down on the ever-present wall of verse. They also gather information specifying how long and how ponderous users’ menstrual cycles are, which allows them to better target their recommendations.

The quiz( and their concoction) residences 2 main pain points of regular menstrual products: ongoing cost and environmental impact. Their quiz calculates how much squander will be saved from landfills when customers switch to Thinx. This profits on the feel-good vibes that come with saving the planet( plus, you are aware, actually saving the planet ).


Nutrafol quiz funnel

Nutrafol is a company that sells vitamins and supplements focused on what they call “hair wellness.

This quiz gets props for inclusivity in their language by asking participates how they relate in order to better target their recommendations. Though they could be even more inclusive by adding a non-binary option.

The quiz likewise drills patrons on parts that affect a person’s hair. They sees it clear how the health-related questions they’re querying( which might feel invasive otherwise) are relevant to the product. It can be a good idea to explain why you are asking each question, specially if it is personal, or sensitive.

Seam Fix

Stich Fix quiz funnel

If you’re looking for a monthly clothing subscription service that helps take the stress and experience drain out of clothes patronizing, it is required to take this quiz.

StitchFix asks for a user’s clothing sizes, set challenges, and wording likings so their stylists can better target the clothing shipment to the users’ preference. This nature, if someone adoration striped shirts but hates all-over flower print, they’ll simply find the onetime in their monthly box.

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Chevy quiz funnel

This Chevy dealership’s quiz has a great conversational colour and takes lifestyle into account as well as personal style.

Plus, it offers questions that are easy to respond to, like: what’s generally in your car? Fast food and exertion boozings? Workout robes equipment systems?

It too accumulates customer concerns about oil efficiency and the environment and offers a car recommendation that immediately makes you to that car’s specs.

Billie Razors

Billie quiz funnels

Billie is a women’s shaving companionship that’s built its honour on accommodate a lower cost razor that’s designed better than most previously on world markets. Their quiz rolls premium stations on every concoction, knowing their target client is chiefly concerned about reducing the “pink tax”( the extra money women pay for commodities targeted precisely to them) that they offer. They likewise volunteer microcopy that compliments your quiz answers.

Billie’s quiz is quick — merely 3 questions — and they accommodate your subscription busines according to how much you’ll actually use the product, which strengthen the tendernes moment they’re targeting in the first place.

Maggie Sottero Bridal

Maggie Sottero Bridal quiz funnel

Maggie Sottero Bridal wedding dress designer’s “Find Your Style” quiz does it a amusing experience by render it a BuzzFeed feel, asking questions like, “What’s your nuptial makeup style? ” or “What’s your dream appointment? ” This gives them get a sense of who the person is and recommends getups according to that style.

Dwelling Depot

Home Depot quiz funnel

Straight apart with their deed, Home Depot’s “What Kind of Griller Are You” quiz reels in users because it offers to reveal an penetration about them.

It likewise comes extents for its feeling. One alternative in response to “What’s your favorite grilling attire? ” is “underwear.”

It then–much like Buzzfeed quizzes–shares something about the user’s personality and offers a grill recommendation. The recommendation is a link within a larger description, so it doesn’t feel heavy handed or like they’re selling extremely hard.


Urbl quiz funnel

As CBD oils and palatables is becoming more legal across the United States, there are more and more shops selling them to meet the demand of people interested in trying CBD. But with the glut of commodities out there, it can be difficult to understand which genu to buy for your particular interest or need.

This last quiz from Urbl( an online CBD retailer) get right down to business, questioning users what wreaks them to CBD and what ails them–whether it’s nervousnes, sleep concerns, or simply a general interest in wellness. Two questions last-minute, patrons have a simple recommendation taking the mystery out of the product, and simplifying the buying process.

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