15 Mind-bending Three.js JavaScript Experiments

3D browser animation simply impedes getting more powerful, and network makes are taking an interest. WebGL, Three.js, and other JavaScript APIs and libraries have been around for a while, but numerous browsers and computers didn’t have the capacity to run advanced animations without significant slowdown.

But as software and hardware becomes more effective at dealing with complex 3D environments, it’s now much more common to see websites yielding animations. Three.js is particularly useful thanks to its ability to run without any plugins. With this strong library, network makes can create jaw-dropping livings or even simple video games.

Ready to have your mind blown? Here are a few examples of showy Three.js experiments that make full advantage of the library’s capabilities.

Lab City 3D

See the Pen City 3D by Victor Vergara( @vcomics) on CodePen.

Playing with Sound

See the Pen Playing with sound and three.js by Sarah Drasner( @sdras) on CodePen.

three.js Qualities Anti-Gravity

See the Pen three.js Points anti-gravity is applied ver2 by yoichi kobayashi( @ykob) on CodePen.

WebGL Distortion Slider

See the Pen WebGL Distortion Slider by Ash Thornton( @ashthornton) on CodePen.

Test of Three.js and Tween.js

See the Pen Test of Three.js and Tween.js by cx20( @cx20) on CodePen.

three.js canvas- particles- curves

See the Pen three.js canvas- specks- gesticulates by deathfang( @deathfang) on CodePen.


See the Pen WormHole by Josep Antoni Bover Comas( @devildrey33) on CodePen.

Wire Typo

See the Pen Wire Typo by ilithya( @ilithya) on CodePen.

THREE.js Particle Stream

See the Pen THREE.js corpuscle stream by Szenia Zadvornykh( @zadvorsky) on CodePen.

Perlin Noise

See the Pen Perlin Noise by Victor Vergara( @vcomics) on CodePen.

Three Js Point Cloud Experiment

See the Pen Three Js Point Cloud Experiment by Sean Dempsey( @seanseansean) on CodePen.

Shader Moon

See the Pen Shader Moon by Victor Vergara( @vcomics) on CodePen.

3D Floating Typo

See the Pen 3D Floating Typo by ilithya( @ilithya) on CodePen.

RetroFighter Gunship

See the Pen RetroFighter Gunship by Rainner Lins( @rainner) on CodePen.

Pixel Particles

See the Pen Pixel Particles by Szenia Zadvornykh( @zadvorsky) on CodePen.

Mind-Blowing Three.js Experiments

Developers are always creating awesome brand-new code experiments that do cool new functions or are just made to look beautiful. It’s a good hypothesi to keep up with places like CodePen so you can see how devs are propagandizing the limits of libraries like Three.js. There’s always someone trying something new and interesting.

And the best part is you can also use pens in your own open beginning websites and projections, or learn from them yourself and try impelling your own ventures. Learn from your fellow developers, fork their code to try your own opinions, and you’ll abruptly learn the subtleties of Three.js animation.

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