10 Statistics That Show Email Marketing Isn’t Dead

Look, we get wise. It utters feel. Email marketing may seem like it should be dead.

With the rise of Slack and messaging stages, our internal squad doesn’t use email much anymore. We act primarily through Slack because it’s a lot simpler than email.

And the problem is, marketers think because their time spent inside of their inbox has diminished–so has everybody else’s.

But let’s zoom out for a second.

It’s predicted that by the end of 2019, there will be 2.9 billion email consumers. That’s so many parties that it’s more than 1/3 of the world’s population( expressed appreciation for CampaignMonitor for that comparing )!

While we may not be using email the same way we used only to, consumers are certainly still have them to create brand-new notes, buy concoctions, and sign up for body services

So we’ll continue to say it roaring and proud–email marketing isn’t dead.

And we’ve got the data to back it up.

Here are 10 email commerce statistics from 2018 and 2019 is an indication that email marketing is alive and well.

Email Marketing Statistic# 1: In 2019, 293. 6 billion emails were routed and received.

That would equate to 804 million emails moved and received per era. What does this mean? People are spending time in their inbox. Where parties spend time is where you can promote the products that will solve their problems.

Email Marketing Statistic# 2: Email has an average ROI of $38 for each$ 1 devote.

The average cost-per-click on Facebook is $1.72. When you pit these statistics against one another, email is the clear-cut winner. But, we have to be fair. ROI and CPC can vary depending on industry and product. While one business may interpret a huge win with email, another might get more bang for their horse on Facebook or Instagram.

Email Marketing Statistic# 3: Emails reach 85% of the people they’re sent to the following address.

Yes, you’re right. Whether they open that email is another story, but knowing that your email has the potential to reach 85% of your register means that you have a lot of leverage over how many conversions you can approach. Now, the key is to get your offer right.

Email Marketing Statistic# 4: In 2018, Shopify received $37 million in auctions per hour, all from consumers registering their email address to purchase products.

If you’re asking, what does this have to do with email market, here’s what: all of those mailing address only is entered into an email list that can now be sent through a pour for upsells and other products.

That’s a lot of upsell potential.

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Email Marketing Statistic# 5: Welcome and thank you emails with a link to download something have an 88. 7% open proportion and a 35.07% click-through rate.

While it seems obvious that people are going to open an email that is giving them something( like a download link to a cause magnet), what isn’t self-evident is the ways to upsell that email. For lesson, you are encouraging a discount to your membership service, an upsell concoction, or a bundle offer. You can introduce these promos in the welcome or thank you email, or on the arrival sheet of the leading magnet.

Email Marketing Statistic# 6: 58% of beings check email before checking social media, corporation intranet, scour, or information.

Thought you were working hard? You’re not alone. Getting a head start on the workday is apparently a bigger thing than we thought. If emails are the first thing a purchaser looks at when they wake up, that’s your chance to give them some valuable information that’s going to stick with them throughout the day. Show them how much you can give them for free, just through your emails, and you’ll skyrocket your chances of them becoming your customer.

Email Marketing Statistic# 7: Segmented campaigns can have as much as a 760% increase in receipt.

Personalizing emails, and any safarus, at this point is a must. Marketers have taken their share of the marketing real property and it has left buyers feeling starry-eyed and dizzy. We’ve all started to grow our ability to ignore ads and that symbolizes marketers have to be smart about grabbing consumers’ attention. Do that through personalization. Personalize email campaigns based off of the customer avatar you’re reaching. For speciman, is your product being bought for personal employ or as a gift? If it’s being used as a gift, that’s an entirely different customer avatar than somebody looking to use it for personal use.

Email Marketing Statistic# 8: Sending 3 vacated go-cart emails reactions in 69% more orderings versus sending a single email.

Calling all ecommerce and busines customs, this is a crucial stat. While marketers may feel like we’re in overkill procedure by creating a 3-email move for abandoned carts, the consumer is telling us this is what works.

Email Marketing Statistic# 9: Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring brand-new customers over Facebook or Twitter.

While this statistic is awesome, we’d definitely love to know why this is the subject. Is it because people transition better from email to disembark page vs. Facebook/Twitter to land sheet? We don’t know the answer more, but for now we can caused the data drive our market tries. DigitalMarketer is certainly an email heavy-laden purveyor, because that’s where we encounter our results( although, you’ll find us on all social scaffolds speaking about our products, realizing assured that we’re in the best digital space to meet other purveyors ).

Email Marketing Statistic #10: Europeans average 26.64% open rates and Americans 19% open charges. Europeans have a 4.35% click-through rate and Americans have a 2.98% click-through rate.

These percentages may ogle small in comparison to each other, but if you start to run different quantities, you’ll ascertain they’re reasonably significant differences. Get Response did a great job of explaining this by showing that even a 1.37% gap means that market a produce to Europeans could get 46%( or more) sounds than you’d get from Americans.

It’s understandable to think that email is dead. It seems like the pulpit has spent itself as a means of advertising, but the numbers are telling us a different story.

Email marketing isn’t simply alive and well, it’s thriving. Marketers realize that uttering their customers valuable info inside of email can drive marketings and that conveys email isn’t travelling anywhere anytime soon.

But don’t worry Slack, we still love you.

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