10 Reasons to Run Google AdWords

Why run a PPC Campaign?

You need to be in front of a buyer to make the sale and here are 10 reasons why PPC is the right investment to make this happen:

1. It’s profitable. A good, well managed campaign will make your money.

2. It’s predictable. PPC does not get slapped by Google and the results for the most part are consistent over time.

3. It’s fast – you can get an advert live and bringing in sales or prospects in under 24 hours.

5. There is no contract. If you don’t like your results you just stop. No minimum spend or term applies.

6. Results are traceable and measurable. You can focus in on every successful keyword, advert, time of day, day of week and even device that work for you, and stop the rest.

7. It’s cheap. In some markets clicks come as cheap as 10p. In others, it’s more, but the rewards are also higher.

8. You can use the results of PPC to guide your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work. Once you know which PPC keywords convert to customers, focus on those for your SEO.

9. It allows you to test your website pages really quickly. Using PPC you can send visitors to a particular page on your website. If you get many users who leave quickly, it’s a good sign you need to change something.

10. It’s huge, in most markets there are more than enough visitors to significantly grow your business.

Don’t forget that every person “Googling” for a product or service is actively looking to buy either now or in the near future. If you aren’t there in front of them at this time, you won’t get the sale!